All services require the DHLPP, Bordatella, and Rabies Vaccinations.

Barking Lot, Inc. has several stylists that perform all-breed grooming.

Our groomers are presently involved in a voluntary testing program with IPG (Independent Professional Groomers, Inc.) and are working toward becoming nationally certified. In addition, they attend numerous seminars and conventions each year to continue their education and remain on the cutting edge of the grooming industry.

All pets are styled according to breed standard or customer specification. Our salon uses only high quality shampoos, conditioners, and other styling products like Davis and Le Pooch.

Pets enjoy the relaxing sound and feel of our hydromassager.
In addition, our shampoos will not wash-away topical flea treatments.

However, for maximum effectiveness of such products, we recommend that topical flea treatments not be applied to your pet for three days prior to or after a spa visit.

Full Service includes: brush out, removal of hair from pads and sanitary areas, inside ears on breeds requiring this, hair trim, hydro-massage shampoo, blow dry, style, and complimentary Blueberry facial.


In addition, Barking Lot, Inc. offers a variety of a la carte services including, but not limited to:

Anal Sac Expression
Nail Clip, File, or Polish
Plaq Clnz- teeth brushing
Brush Outs and/or Matt Removal
Flea Bite Treatment Shampoo
Spot or Full Color Dye for special occassions

Barking Lot, Inc. offers quality pet boarding. Our rates for vacation guests are determined by the accommodation that you choose for your canine kid. There are no differences in the quality of  personal care received regardless of your suite preference.

Each accommodation serves only as a temporary resting and eating place. Our excellent staff spends as much time as possible with each guest, taking them out for stretching, walking, and playtime every two to three hours. When the weather isn’t too cool or too hot, our guests are outdoors in his/her private play area to enjoy walking around, playing with toys, a favorite chew bone, or simply to rest and enjoy the activities going on around them.

Guests have fresh water at all times, the comfort of industrial size fans for a consistent cool breeze on warmer days, and enjoy classical music.


Doggie Day Camp

Come, Sit, Stay... or play all day at Barking Lot, Inc.'s Doggie Day Care! Your pet will make new friends and enjoy hours of group play, exercise and socialization under the supervision and direction of our skilled canine counselors. From Easter egg hunts to gits from Santa, Barking Lot celebrates all major holidays with your pet. Many campers choose to have us host their custom themed birthday parties, too!


Day Camp provides services to busy pet parents who wish to provide an alternative to leaving their canine kid(s) home alone all day. Our program is designed to socialize each guest both mentally and physically while having lots of fun in a clean, loving environment. It is also ideal for canine kids who exhibit destructive behavior due to separation anxiety and for breeds that require more exercise during the day. For an out-of-town day meeting, home repairs and/or maintenance, and even a house guest who has allergies, Barking Lot offers an affordable alternative. And besides, it's difficult to hold "it" for 10 hours!

Play groups are determined by size, age and play styles. A complimentary pre-entry evaluation to determine qualification is required before any canine camper is enrolled in our program. Pets should be at least four months of age and have required vaccinations.


Barking Lot, Inc. Day Camp offers and/or provides:
Each camper with his/her own crate (used for eating breakfast and enjoying a movie during naptime at noon.)
* Breakfast
* Fresh water at all times
* A morning and afternoon snack
* Toys and Playground Equipment (sanitized daily)
* Swim parties and canine ice cream in the summer
* An outdoor shelter with water misters and industrial fan to cool the air in hot weather and climate controlled building


Call Barking Lot, Inc. at 910-862-7387 to request a registration form and schedule an interview for your canine kid(s). The day of your interview, bring the registration form and a copy of required vaccination records. We apologize for any inconveniences, but we will not accept any pet without proof of vaccinations for the health and safety of your pet and our other campers.

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